Friday, December 3, 2010

Tom Brady's Masculinity vs. Womens Boots

For those that know me well, know that I am a die hard Colts fan. I have been since I can remember. Last season when the Colts lost the Superbowl, I thought I would need to take a week off work just to recover emotionally. Luckily for Megan and Koby, I found a way to cope and was able to get back to work. Anyway, in being a Colts fan there comes the responsibility to hate the New England Patriots. I don't deny that they are a good team... I don't deny that they have won more Superbowls... And I don't deny that their quarterback is one of the best in the history of the game. But nonetheless, I still hate them, and I still love watching them lose.

Like I said before, Tom Brady is a great quarterback. One of the best of all-time. It hurts me to say so, but he has two more Superbowl wins than Peyton Manning. He is married to model Gisele Bundchen. He recently became the new cover boy for Under Armour. A pretty successful guy, one many American men would probably not mind trading places with (don't worry Megan, I am not one of them), and perhaps considered by some as the epitome of masculinity. But a recent announcement by UGG may challenge that. UGG, and Australian shoe company, popularly know for their warm furry women's boots, recently announced that Tom Brady will be the face of the company's new line of UGG boats for men. Here is the article in the Boston Herald.

Needless to say, this announcement made me so happy. I almost died laughing when I saw the picture of Brady rockin' his new UGGs. To see the leader of my team's arch rival wearing UGG boots would be like Ulysses S. Grant seeing Robert E. Lee coming to battle wearing a corset. The South might have won the war because the Union army would have died laughing.

Back to Brady and his UGGs. This will be the ultimate test of his masculinity. Will it survive? In my opinion, if the picture above on the right becomes widely circulated, then no. The only possible way for him to recover would be to win eight more Superbowls, shave his head, grow a bread like the members of ZZTop, and then win a World's Strongest Man competition. I guess we will have to see. Tom, I hope the money you received from UGG was worth it...


  1. Why does that picture look like it is from decades ago? Like the 70's or something? Ew. Ugg boots are ugly.